Previously Unknown $10,000 Life Insurance Policy Belonging to President James A. Garfield Discovered by Owner of This Site

Previously unknown $10,000 life policy for James A. Garfield.

A previously unknown or long forgotten $10,000 life insurance policy belonging to assassinated President James Abram Garfield has been discovered in a scrapbook belonging to the ancestors of the very owner of this website! What is more interesting is the policy was issued on May 18th, 1881, just 45 days before President Garfield would be shot by Charles J. Guiteau – a shot which would claim Garfield’s life just over two months later on September 19th. Garfield was the 20th President of the United States – and had the second shortest tenure at 199 days. Issued by The Equitable Life Assurance Society with offices at 120 Broadway, it had payments of $235.50 due in November and May (with a $1 fee for writing the policy).

Upon his death, the policy was cashed in as witnessed by his widows signature on the back – also a witness to his death. Previously only a $25,000 policy was known of.

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