Carrot Paints Other Plants – First Time in History a Vegetable is Credited with Art Creation

Seriously though…. I love her art so you should too. I call her Carrot… I have my reasons! I would put a photo of her next to the art…but I don’t want my server to crash from all the traffic it would no doubt generate.

Now go to her site and buy her art!

Visit Tam Art Gallery here!

You are still here?? I SAID GO BUY HER ART!

Hmmm….My website administrator just informed me that actually, traffic is a good thing, so I have hesitantly decided to include her photo. Just – for Gods sake – focus on the artwork, and don’t you dare buy it just because she makes you stutter and feel weak. Her w-w-w-w-work sp-sp-speaks for it-s-s-s-s-elf.. Whew..I’m going to take a nap.

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